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S贸nar Festival Welcomes the Tezos NFT Art Community with the first-ever SonarM谩tic Gallery

  • Tezos, an energy-efficient blockchain, is in the spotlight at S贸nar 2022 as it hosts its first ever NFT art gallery titled SonarM脿tica.
  • SonarM脿tica will be displayed in S贸nar鈥檚 music creativity and technology center, S贸nar+D, from June 16-18, 2022. The interactive exhibition will showcase curated audiovisual installations with leading global contemporary NFT artists. 

S贸nar Festival is excited to welcome the Tezos NFT art community with the first-ever SonarM谩tic Gallery at S贸nar+D. The SonarM谩tic exhibit will run from June 16-18 in Barcelona with artists Casey ReasSofia CrespoMario KlingemannAnna CarrerasKelly Richardson, and more. As artists around the world are re-imagining the digital canvas, the Tezos NFT art community has continued to make headlines as the place for artists exploring NFTs. 

Located in the heart of Barcelona, S贸nar+D will feature its most interactive and engaging edition to date as it expands its programme to explore the groundbreaking paradigms of digital art. The SonarM脿tica exhibition, a new dedicated space organized as an art gallery and featuring prominent digital artists from around the world, will explore four themes that facilitate discussion around the future of a technologically advanced society in a climate crisis. 

The themes, ecology, aural ecology, AI, and Web3, will be portrayed by the more than 15 exhibiting artists through a range of audiovisual installations. Each work, minted as an NFT on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, will be distinguished by their own unique styles and disciplines, effectively showcasing the potential of NFTs as a new medium of expression and emotion for the contemporary art world.

鈥淪eeing S贸nar+D and Tezos present SonarM脿tica is like seeing two artists showing their first collaboration. It鈥檚 fresh and instinctive. It is a mix of legacy and emergence. It is bold and meaningful,鈥 said Diane Drubay, Arts & Culture in the Tezos ecosystem, TZ Connect.

S贸nar Festival and the SonarM脿tica exhibition will be part of Tezos Art Week, a week dedicated to celebrating art minted on Tezos around the globe. From June 13-19, the Tezos NFT art community is encouraged to share their minted artwork online and support their favorite artists with the hashtag #tezosartweek. 

The Tezos art community uses NFTs as a technology to bridge a gap in the art world, allowing artists from around the world to connect with new collectors and art institutions and sell their work to anyone at any time. During the recent crypto market downturn and subsequent precipitous decline in NFT prices, Tezos has stood out. The Tezos NFT market is up over 60% in the last 30 days as popular alternatives such as Ethereum (-45%) and Solana (-15%) are down.

With a pioneering, energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake design and low costs to mint and transact digital art, Tezos is being hailed as the perfect home for digital art of all levels. Recently, the Tezos Ecosystem has been in the spotlight at some of the world鈥檚 most premier art & culture events, such as Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Basel Miami Beach, and SXSW 鈥22. To explore more about Tezos NFTs for art institutions, checkout the WAC Fellowship 鈥 an 8-week program to onboard art institutions to the Web3 revolution through immersive educational programs, mentorships, and hands-on sessions. 

Learn more about SonarM脿tica here.

Learn more about Sonar+D here 

Learn more about Tezos here

Sharknado Co-Creator and Snowpiercer Producer Launch New Token $FLIX to Revolutionize Indie Film


Veteran Hollywood filmmakers Ben Rosenblatt and Micho Rutare launch $FLIX, a novel crypto-token, in order to reinvent how independent films are financed, produced, and distributed. 

Their company American Meme will leverage $FLIX to raise capital for a slate of indie films that appeal to both film and crypto enthusiasts. A fee on each transaction goes directly to a 鈥渇ilm wallet,鈥 and the team has committed to investing 75% of film wallet funds in production and only 25% in marketing and publicity. Profits from film sales, distribution, and licensing will be used to buy back $FLIX, which will make the token deflationary, in order for its relative value to continually increase.

In addition, token holders will receive exclusive access to cast and crew chats, behind-the-scenes invites, votes on creative decisions, premiers and parties, and provide input on the film slate. The founders envision a growing, robust community of crypto and film enthusiasts who can invest in indie filmmaking both financially and creatively. 

鈥淗ollywood is once again evolving and the most powerful voices can come from outside the town. The filmmaking and crypto communities are incredibly engaged and powerful. We want their help in creating the next hit movie,鈥 says co-founder Ben Rosenblatt, a producer of Snowpiercer, Star Wars and Star Trek films and series. 鈥淲e want to foster the next great wave of popular, original independent cinema. We鈥檙e tired of corporate gatekeepers determining what movies get made. It鈥檚 time for a shift, and we think these new cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are the keys to shifting power back to the people through decentralized film finance.鈥 

鈥淭here is limitless potential for what Web 3.0 technologies can bring to the entertainment industry,鈥 says co-founder Micho Rutare, a veteran writer, director, and creative executive responsible for the Sharknado franchise. 鈥淲e鈥檙e talking vertical, decentralized filmmaking. Our token holders help us decide what to make, help us finance projects, and get first access to all the rewards, all while holding an appreciating asset. This unlocks new forms of media distribution and more room for artistic freedom. We, collectively, can decide what gets made. That鈥檚 an incredibly exciting prospect compared to the current status quo.鈥 

While their short-term goal is to increase awareness of the coin and their medium-term plan is to produce films seeded by $FLIX revenue, Rosenblatt and Rutare have a long-term vision for the token: to become the paramount medium of exchange for filmed entertainment transactions, both in the traditional theatrical business and also in the metaverse. Rosenblatt and Rutare believe this financial innovation will create a robust ancillary revenue stream for the industry, liberating filmmakers from the tyranny of the corporate bottom line. 

The $FLIX token is now live and available for purchase on Uniswap. The next iteration of growth will use the initial funds to build a production slate and list the token on larger exchanges.

About $FLIX Token:

$FLIX is a cryptocurrency for filmmakers and movie lovers designed to revolutionize film financing. The filmmakers鈥 mission is to change how independent filmmaking is financed, produced, and distributed through new crypto and Web 3.0 technologies. For too long, Hollywood has been closed to outsiders. $FLIX champions independent film by raising capital, investing in novel ideas, and leveraging blockchain transactions to fund movie projects from its proprietary token. 

Filmmaking and the token support each other by reinvesting the profits back into the currency to fund further projects. Our community of token holders supports each project by voting on aspects of each project. The novel approach to filmmaking flips the script on film finance, production, and distribution, fueled by new crypto and Web 3.0 innovation.

About Ben Rosenblatt:

Ben Rosenblatt is a producer of films, series, and short media. Ben serves as an Executive Producer of the TNT/Netflix series, Snowpiercer, which is now in its fourth season, and The Alienist, for which he was Emmy nominated. Ben is also a producer on the forthcoming series Let The Right One In for Showtime and Tokyo Vice for HBO Max.  Previously, Ben spent six years at J.J. Abrams鈥 production company, Bad Robot, where he helped produce feature installments of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, and Cloverfield franchises.  Additionally, Ben has co-produced independent films Small Town Crime and Fatman, Paramount Animation鈥檚 Wonder Park, Google鈥檚 Youtube series Moon Shot, and has produced ads for Esurance, THX, and Win America Back鈥AC, which Ben co-founded.  Ben lives in Los Angeles where he co-runs the production company American Meme.

About Micho Rutare:

Micho Rutare is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, and producer. While working as head of development at The Asylum, Micho oversaw the inception and development of the Sharknado movies, as well as over 100 other feature films, including DEAD 7, which he produced with Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys. Micho has written, directed, and produced features and episodic content for Syfy, Lifetime, MTV, YouTube Red, and Sony Home Entertainment. Micho is a co-founder of the Win America Back鈥AC and produced viral anti-Trump ads for the 2020 election. Micho is a Rwandan-American and a sixth-generation Michigander. Micho currently lives in Los Angeles where he co-runs the production company American Meme.

Everyrealm and Storyverse Partner to Create Interactive Stories for NFT Communities

EveryRealm Purchases 250 PLOTs in Storyverse鈥檚 Now Sold Out Public Sale 

Storyverse, the first-ever interactive storytelling platform on the blockchain, today announced its partnership with Everyrealm, a leader in metaverse innovation and development, to provide the foundation for NFT communities to create fun, interactive story games within the metaverse.

The Storyverse recently hosted its genesis public sale of PLOTs which sold out in seven minutes. Everyrealm, one of the most active investors in and developers of the metaverse real estate ecosystem, purchased and now manages 250 PLOTs in the Storyverse.

The Storyverse provides 鈥榥o-code鈥, interactive story publishing tools for NFT communities looking to collaboratively create narratives designed to entertain audiences and build brand value. Communities, tools, and tokens work together to fuel an exciting, new community-driven character economy.  

鈥淲e鈥檙e entering a fascinating phase of the global entertainment economy where creators are challenging the traditional media and entertainment companies for audiences.  The Storyverse is at the cutting edge of that trend by unlocking advanced rich media publishing tools and the ability for anyone to create the next-gen Bart Simpson, Peppa Pig, or Cartman from their mobile phone,鈥 said Justin Waldron, founder of the Storyverse. 鈥淏y teaming up with the awesome team at Everyrealm we鈥檒l accelerate our vision and delight fans along the way.鈥 

鈥淎s placemakers in the metaverse, Everyrealm will utilize Storyverse鈥檚 tools to continue to shape the metaverse and build engaging stories within Everyrealm鈥檚 unique metaverse environments,鈥 said Janine Yorio, CEO and co-founder of Everyrealm. 鈥淪torytelling will play an important role in building value and bringing new communities into the ever expanding virtual world we call the metaverse.鈥

SRG Studios is launching their NFT Collection – the Cosmic Coffee Cups


With 8+ years of experience creating online games, SRG Studios is launching its NFT collection dubbed the Cosmic Coffee Cups as part of the launch of their new game, Cosmic Isles. Players participating in the upcoming NFT sale get access to the game鈥檚 pre-alpha key. Within the Cosmic Isles metaverse, players will have first-hand experience with the game and access additional perks such as whitelisting, staking rewards, and land sales.

Cosmic Isles enables game players to interact in a transparent yet flourishing virtual marketplace. Similar to other Role-Playing Games, players find themselves in a distant land on a magical quest to uncover its secrets. But unlike most RPG games, players can own tracts of land, earn tokens through gameplay, and receive rewards for contributions across the ecosystem.

The game is being released on mobile and PC. Players can explore the world using their Avatars and earn tokens that will allow them to mint items, weapons, and gear. Players will also be able to own Lands and install games-as-NFTs, which will attract players to their Lands and allow a rich world of games to be created.

A collection of 10,000 unique hand-brewed NFTs with over 250 unique traits will be released. Holders of the NFT will get early access to the game by owning a Cosmic Coffee Cup. The benefits of minting a Cosmic Coffee Cup include:

鈼    Early access to the game during the pre-alpha stage of development.

鈼    Staking rewards

鈼    Additional airdrops and in-game bonuses

The NFT release is scheduled for Mid-June. For more information, please check out:


Lina Valentina鈥檚 鈥淣o More鈥 NFT Collection Denounces Domestic Violence


Renowned and respected feminist artist Lina Valentina is preparing to launch her first NFT series. Under the 鈥淣o More鈥 banner, the collection will solidify women鈥檚 position within the Web3 environment and denounce domestic violence. 

The name Lina Valentina is synonymous with the artistic scene across New York and Los Angeles. Lina has created various impactful art on walls from New York to Brooklyn. Furthermore, her works can be found in the most prominent contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles and on the covers of INKspired and GoodweekendMag, and more. Additionally, Lina鈥檚 collaboration with Adidas in 2018 is still fresh in people鈥檚 minds.

Lina Valentina uses painting and other art forms to encourage women to speak out against domestic violence, a pressing matter even today. She borrows elements from Salvator Dali and her favourite music, creating some interesting artwork capable of kickstarting a meaningful conversation. 

The NFT collection, dubbed 鈥淣o More鈥, follows the same path as Valentina鈥檚 paintings and other artwork. It is a tribute to women who suffer[ed] from domestic violence and decided to denounce it. Additionally, the collection will offer courage and hope to women who face this abuse but remain silent about it.鈥 No More鈥 will feature 7,777 unique NFTs representing a female face. 

Lina Valentina comments on her upcoming collection:

鈥淣FTs and art seem obvious, a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT sector. Unfortunately there are still too few female artists in the field, only 5%. The 鈥淣o More鈥 series also aims to encourage women to invest in this booming sector.

The collection will serve several utilities as the project unfolds, including:

  • Creating a digital gallery in the metaverse to promote works by Lina Valentina and other artists promoting beneficial causes.
  • 300 鈥淣o More鈥 owners will receive a digital frame valued at $800, bringing the digital artworks to the real world. 
  • A special exhibition for fans to meet Lina Valentina at The Cool HeArt Gallery in Los Angeles. NFT Holders receive preferential prices on physical works being exhibited. 
  • Donate 10% of the income generated by the 鈥淣o More鈥 drop to the Safe Horizon association, helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The upcoming 鈥淣o More鈥 NFT collection by Lina Valentina combines strong utility with a clear message and has the backing of a renowned artist. It may become the next major iconic collection sparking important conversations regarding a topic that is often avoided. Additionally, Valentina plans collaborations with famous personalities, with more information to be revealed in the coming months. 

FNDZ launches DeFi鈥檚 first multi-token staking feature锟


NDZ.io, the decentralizedsocial trading platform, is set to release its industry-first platform staking feature in May 2022. 

FNDZ Staking is a mechanism that will give holders ofFNDZ鈥榮 native token, FNDZ, the opportunity to earn a portion of fee-based revenues generated by the copy trading platform. The FNDZ Staking contract is unique to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and rewards $FNDZ token holders in multiple tokens, allowing participants to earn large and small-cap tokens at the same time. 

Introduction to FNDZ

Over the past year,FNDZ has emerged as one of the top copy trading platforms on the entire Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Copy trading is essentially a trading method wherein individuals automatically copy the positions opened and managed by other selected traders. 

FNDZ intends to be the bridge between beginners and experienced traders. The platform allows crypto-newcomers to copy the trading strategies of seasoned traders in return for a fee. FNDZ uses a combination of smart contracts and DeFi technology to make copy trading much more transparent, with all fees and results visible to investors at all times. With this, FNDZ aspires to accomplish two things; improve the profit margin of novice investors, and reward skillful traders by monetizing their trading advice. 

The FNDZ platform is non-custodial, giving users full control over their private keys and personal assets. Investors deposit stablecoins into a smart contract vault, which allows traders to open and close positions on their behalf, without ever having direct access to their assets.

The platform has over 30 assets available for trading, including some of the top launches of 2021, such as Solar (SXP). 

The addition of FNDZ Staking will add another utility feature to FNDZ, along with providing additional cost-free value for its holders, through a mechanism not available on any other copy trading platform. 

What is FNDZ Staking?

FNDZ Staking is one of FNDZ鈥檚 initial flagship value propositions. It allows FNDZ holders who stake their tokens through the FNDZ staking dashboard to receive multiple project tokens from fee-based trading revenue.

This is in addition to receiving FNDZ staking rewards and access to a greater share of performance-fee revenues for traders.

Through its asset program, FNDZ provides blockchain startups with valuable listing services and access to a large pool of potential investors.

In exchange for its services, FNDZ receives a number of tokens from these projects. With the launch of FNDZ Staking, FNDZ will distribute a portion of these tokens to the FNDZ holders participating in its staking program. 

How does FNDZ Staking work?

Starting in early May, users will be able to place their FNDZ tokens into a staking contract with weighted rewards. This means the amount of FNDZ staked is measured as a share of the total staking pool, with a larger input equalling a bigger return.

What makes FNDZ Staking special is that rewards are generated from the returns of cryptocurrency vaults, and therefore the performance of experienced traders. The performance of FNDZ vaults is measured in a variety of altcoins. When the performance fee is collected, the altcoins are sent directly to the staking contract and paid out as rewards. Participants can stake their $FNDZ tokens and passively earn a diverse set of altcoins, in addition to regular FNDZ token rewards.

FNDZ will also introduce additional crypto indexes, providing algorithmic trading services to investors. 

What鈥檚 an Index vault?

Indexes are computer-based trading systems that are programmed to do certain tasks with little or no human intervention. In the world of cryptocurrency trading, crypto indexes automate the work of trading cryptocurrencies on behalf of the investor. They are used to rebalance portfolios as asset prices change and to amplify trading profits.

FNDZ has developed a unique index trading system that uses artificial intelligence to execute buy and sell orders based on market cap weighting. 

Each index vault has a particular theme or focus: top 10 DeFi-coins, top 5 altcoins, and top altcoins in a given market segment, for example.

With the addition of Index vaults, FNDZ now offers a comprehensive suite of trading services to meet the diverse needs of the DeFi trading community.

To participate and take advantage of FNDZ鈥檚 new staking opportunity, please refer to the following links:

FNDZ on PancakeSwap.

FNDZ onAscendEX.

Find more aboutFNDZ.

About FNDZ

The FNDZ鈥檚 motto is 鈥淒eFi copy trading made simple.鈥 The FNDZ platform is a DeFi copy trading solution that enables copy/social trading from a truly decentralized perspective. DeFi, short for decentralized finance, is a financial infrastructure consisting of blockchain-powered smart contracts and protocols which collectively carry out the same functions traditionally handled by brokers, bankers, and financiers. FNDZ uses these tools to provide a fully transparent, low-cost, highly efficient, and user-friendly copy trading experience. 

Bitcoin.com Completes a $33.6M Private Sale for its New Ecosystem Token VERSE


Bitcoin.com announced today it has completed a private sale of USD $33,600,000 for the Bitcoin.com VERSE token with participation from Digital Strategies, KuCoin Ventures, Blockchain.com, ViaBTC Capital, Redwood City Ventures, 4SV, BoostX Ventures, and select individual thought leaders and influencers including Roger Ver, and Jihan Wu.

Verse will expand Bitcoin.com鈥檚 ecosystem of cryptocurrency products and services, linking the utility and rewards features of the VERSE token to every step in the crypto journey for everyday people.     

鈥淪ince 2015, Bitcoin.com has been a leader in introducing newcomers to crypto and guiding them along their crypto journey. So far we鈥檝e built an incredible portfolio of products and services that count more than 4 million monthly active users and 30 million self-custody wallets created. Today, we鈥檙e proud to announce VERSE, a utility and rewards token for everyone who participates in the ready-built Bitcoin.com Verse ecosystem鈥 said Dennis Jarvis, Bitcoin.com CEO. 鈥淰ERSE is user-centric and adds tremendous value across our range of crypto products and services including the Bitcoin.com self-custody wallet app, the Bitcoin.com Exchange, the Verse DEX, Bitcoin.com News, and our upcoming crypto-enabled debit card. We鈥檙e also extremely excited to announce the Verse public token sale, which is scheduled to begin in June.鈥  

VERSE, which will be minted first this summer as an Ethereum (ERC-20) token, is closely comparable to CRO, BNB, and FTT, the utility and rewards tokens for the Crypto.com, Binance, and FTX offerings respectively. Some VERSE features can also be compared to the native tokens of CeFi platforms like Nexo and Celsius, as well as the native tokens of representative decentralized trading protocols such as Uniswap and TraderJoe.    

Eric Weiss, Managing Partner, Digital Strategies: 鈥淚n our view, the utility of the Verse token in conjunction with the Bitcoin.com brand and broad suite of tools will create a powerful moat for its ecosystem. We鈥檙e thrilled to be part of this journey with Bitcoin.com and Verse.鈥   

Justin Chou, Chief Investment Officer, KuCoin Ventures: 鈥淭he next wave of growth in crypto will be led by strong global brands that create real-world products for millions of people. Bitcoin.com will accelerate the development of products and partnerships that expand their reach globally.鈥   

Verse Public Sale Coming Soon    

The Verse public token sale is set to begin in June 2022. Six percent of the Verse total supply (12,600,000,000 VERSE) will be sold. The sale will take place as the first token project launch on the new Bitcoin.com Verse Launchpad, which will release simultaneously. Interested parties can get more information on the public sale and sign up to receive updates at getverse.com.    

About Bitcoin.com and Verse   

Bitcoin.com is building the products that give everyday people access to a vast world of opportunities to generate personal prosperity without limits. Since 2015, Bitcoin.com has been a global leader in introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency, featuring accessible educational materials, timely and objective news, and easy-to-use fully self-custodial products for buying, spending, trading, investing, and earning with crypto.    

VERSE is a rewards and utility token for users who contribute to and participate in the Bitcoin.com ecosystem. More details including the Verse whitepaper can be found at the Verse website. Verse already counts over twenty-five thousand participants combined in its vibrant Telegram and Discord communities. Verse will be available by early summer 2022, following the conclusion of the Verse public token sale.    

Gluwa Launches New Gamified No-Loss 鈥淟ottery Account鈥


Borderless financial platform Gluwa announced the launch of its second investment product 鈥 The Lottery Account. This new investment product is a no-loss lottery-style stablecoin account where users can deposit their sUSDC-G (Gluwa鈥檚 sidechain-native USDC) into a collective liquidity pool and have the potential to win the entire combined interest accrued, while all participants principal remains redeemable at any time. 

The Lottery Account from Gluwa follows the OpenFi (open finance) model, whereby interest is earned through debt financing deals from real-world transactions off-chain. To participate in this investment vehicle, users must deposit the funds on or before the designated cutoff time to be eligible for the daily prize draw every 24 hours. 

As part of the daily draw, users will stand a chance to win all the interest earned in the prize pool every day. This draw is designed to follow the existing format style of lotteries, meaning there are no guaranteed winners, and the prizes will be rolled over to the subsequent draws, thus expanding the prize pool over time. The unique structure of the product presents a 鈥済amified prize savings鈥 option for Gluwa Invest users as they keep their principal investment, even if they don鈥檛 win the prize draw.

A total of $1 million worth of sUSDC-G investment cap will be initially set at launch. Users will be limited to depositing a maximum amount of $50,000 in sUSDC-G into their respective accounts to ensure inclusiveness and fair chances for everyone. The more a user deposits, the higher their chances of winning. In this context, each additional dollar deposit is equivalent to an extra ticket, thereby increasing the chances of winning. Furthermore, there is no fixed lockup period on the deposited funds, granting users the flexibility to withdraw their funds at any time. 

To celebrate the launch of the Lottery Account, Gluwa will be boosting the inaugural prize pool with an additional $250,000 sUSDC-G. This will increase the size of the daily prize up for grabs, while not reducing the users鈥 odds. Gluwa intends to run this promotional prize boost campaign for the next few months to attract new users.  Whoever wins the first-ever Lottery Account prize draw, will also win a massive 3000 CTC bonus prize.

Brendan O鈥橳oole, Head of Product (Invest) at Gluwa, notes, 鈥淭his has been a challenging but exciting product to bring to market. Think PoolTogether but instead of generating yield from DeFi protocols like Aave or Compound 鈥 we are harnessing the power of #OpenFi by bridging our crypto ecosystem with real-world off-chain opportunities to offer our users a chance at winning big in a low-volatility environment. With its no-loss lottery-style underpinning, users have everything to gain and nothing to lose.鈥

For more details: Lottery Account Explainer

Hashstack Announces the Public Testnet of its Open Protocol


Hashstack Finance officially announces the public testnet launch of its Open Protocol, the first ever DeFi lending protocol to offer non-custodial, secure under-collateralized loans. With this, DeFi users will be able to experience first-hand how to get the maximum value out of their collateral when borrowing. This is expected to boost the economic activity in the DeFi space.

Hashstack鈥檚 Open Protocol is the only product today that enables under-collateralized loans up to 1:3 collateral-to-loan ratio. It means you can borrow up to $300 by providing only $100 as collateral. Of this, you can withdraw $70 (i.e. upto 70% collateral), while utilizing $230 as in-platform trading capital. 

To further the utilization of $230 locked within the protocol as trading capital, Hashstack has developed a novel mechanism that enables eternal scalability of storage and logic of smart contracts; a significant improvement over the current industry standard EIP 2535. Hashstack鈥檚 team will submit an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP 9000) to help foster secure and upgradeable smart contract development. It will allow Hashstack to integrate as many dApps with the Open Protocol as possible without the need to change the smart contract addresses, thus expanding the ways users can utilize the amount locked within the protocol.

Our public testnet has attracted over US$5 million in total value locked (TVL) immediately after going live. The public testnet release marks a significant accomplishment in Hashstack鈥檚 roadmap as we prepare to launch the Open Protocol mainnent later in the second quarter of 2022,鈥 commented Hashstack Finance founder Vinay Kumar.

Thanks to the dedicated preparation and execution from the development team, the Open Protocol鈥檚 public testnet brings a plethora of features and improvements including:

  • An improved user interface.
  • A hybrid access model to improve stability. The new model is a combination of base interest rate summed with an algorithmic determinant kept constant for 3-7 days.
  • Switching from the centralized backend to a decentralized blockchain to boost transparency.

While the current DeFi lending protocols require over-collateralization, Hashstack is proud to give borrowers a glimpse into the future of DeFi lending. Whether you need to borrow for personal cash needs, leveraged investments in IDOs, or trading capital, Open Protocol facilitates instant under-collateralized loans. 

To accelerate the growth of DeFi lending, Hashstack鈥檚 Open Protocol eliminates inefficiencies from the DeFi ecosystem through a three-pronged approach:

  • Clear compartmentalisation of APY and APR of deposits/loans with that of their minimum commitment period (MCP)
  • Effective asset utilization through diversification of available assets via lending and providing trading capital
  • Under-collateralized loans

Hashstack integrates with other DeFi solutions such as Pancakeswap to facilitate in-app market swaps and to improve loan utilization. It means the borrowers can swap the borrowed tokens into other primary coins or secondary coins without the need to switch the dApp. Open Protocol also bridges assets from other chains such as Ethereum and Avalanche C-chain as an expansion of the primary markets.

To begin with, the Open Protocol supports only major liquid coins such as BTC, USDT, USDC, BNB, and Hashstack鈥檚 native governance token HASH. 

About Hashstack

Hashstack Finance is a DeFi platform whose Open protocol aims to disrupt the DeFi lending market by offering under-collateralized loans. It addresses the need of lacking under-collateralized lending avenues for retail cryptocurrency investors by enabling loans at upto 3x collateral to serve the personal financial needs and trading capital requirements. Users can secure under-collateralized loans to avoid having to sell their long-term holdings to meet their short-term cash needs. 

IamUkraine announces Zelenskiy鈥檚 NFT Collection to support Ukraine


IamUkraine studio announces the launch of its NFT collection to pave the way towards an iconic artform to aid Ukraine. Focused on improving the domestic humanitarian landscape, the collection is expected to provide support to the struggling population.

IamUkraine is proud to announce its initiative to support the Ukrainian cause with the introduction of Zelenskiy鈥檚 NFT collection. The company is launching the paramount collection to provide humanitarian support and assistance to domestic causes in Ukraine. Recognizing the dire humanitarian situation on the ground, the company has paved the way to provide effective support to struggling citizens in Ukraine. IamUkraine has a history of creating iconic digital art to support global initiatives.

More information about the upcoming launch can be found at zelenskiynft.com

Talking more about the upcoming launch, Project Director Volodymyr Samoilenko said, 鈥淲e want the world to come together to provide humanitarian support to the Ukrainian cause by supporting this project. Zelenskiy鈥檚 NFT collection is centered around showcasing unique art forms to celebrate the bravery shown by the Ukrainian people and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in recent months. The spirit of the leader has been an inspiration for people around the world. We realized how impactful it was to show global support to the country, and this is a significant step in that direction.鈥

According to the lead artist Mariya Makarenko, 鈥淭he project will serve as a historical reminder of the global support received by Zelenskyy through this turbulent period. The artistic direction is focused on representing the bravery and fortitude shown by the national leadership through this challenging time. By presenting these art pieces to the world, we鈥檙e hoping to present a unifying image of the world. The representation of the country鈥檚 national identity is a hallmark element of the project, and we hope to convey our support through this launch.鈥

Global insiders have welcomed the launch by showing massive support for the initial public offering. The launch follows through on IamUkraine鈥檚 philosophy to make an impact through expressive art forms. The company has showcased an inclination to stay firm and serve as a unifying force. IamUkraine is becoming the most promising support project for Ukraine, thanks to the unifying focus of the project. The creative project is also paired with an advanced utility to deliver a historic value proposition to customers and followers. In these challenging times, art is emerging as a key source of strength and support.

Further details about the utility and elements of the launch can be found on the website.

About Zelenskiy鈥檚 NFT

A collection of 10,000 unique Zelenskiy鈥檚 NFT was created to eternalize the historic efforts and courage showcased by the Ukrainian people and  President Zelensky. Purpose-built collection to aid Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian causes with expansive community benefits. Unique artform and generative representation to show worldwide support towards Ukraine. Curated to go beyond the NFT space and present a lasting historic insight into the insurmountable courage of Ukraine.

About IamUkraine

IamUkraine studio is a blockchain initiative launched to provide supportive assistance to global communities through digital art. The project brings together artistic representation with a strong social cause to empower struggling communities and help them overcome adversity. The IamUkraine will launch the Zelenskiy鈥檚 NFT Collection on 12 May 2022.