Introduces CHO MetaFi Collection & NFT Sale

Share This Post is the world’s first MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) platform that reduces blockchain fees by up to 50 times and provides 100 million CeFi sector users with highly profitable DeFi products. Now the project announced the launch of a unique token sale for the crypto market. On April 26th, it will become possible to purchase NFTs containing CHO tokens of the project on the official website.

Thanks to the revolutionary web 3.0 technologies, the team managed to combine the CeFi CHO token sale with a 1000-piece DeFi NFT collection. Thus, DeFi users will be able to become owners of CHO tokens through minting NFTs. The CHO NFT sale includes standard GameFi attributes: some buyers will randomly receive rare NFTs that give bonuses, including free additional CHO tokens.

Purchasing NFTs from the CHO MetaFi Collection will allow users to reserve a CHO token at $0.11 per token. Each NFT will be worth from 0.3 – 0.5 BNB, depending on its market price, meaning participants will reserve a minimum of 1500 CHO. The exact price will be known at the time of mint.

A total of 1,000 NFTs will be issued with different rarities: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. NFTs are distinguished across four token parameters: initial unlock, lockup period, vesting, and bonus tokens. NFTs will act as a “key” to CHO tokens, which can be claimed directly from the user’s profile on

The CHO NFT Sale will start on April 26th.

How to participate:

1. Users need to enter and connect their Metamask wallet.

2. Users should ensure that they connect to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet after connecting to Metamask.

3.  Users need to select the desired number of CHO NFTs and click “Mint.”

4. Users need to confirm the transaction on Metamask.

5. Users need to check the minted NFTs on their profile page. is the first platform to launch a CeFi token sale enclosed in an NFT collection. Such MetaFi integration marks the start of a new global trend.

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