Women of Crypto sells entire NFT collection on the first day

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Women of Crypto (WOC) founder, Amy Matsushima, has announced that all 8888 female avatar non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have sold out on the first day of sale.

Women of Crypto is a first of its kind, 3D avatar NFT collection of 8888 women with 111 unique physical traits, characteristics, accessories, and backgrounds. All were sold on the day of release, February 3rd, 2022.

“On the day of the launch, we were getting 50,000 clicks a minute,” Matsushima said. “It actually crashed the website. Even so, they all sold, and we received a lot of positive feedback from public figures like Paris Hilton and Ja Rule.”

The successful launch of the NFT collection is just the start of a larger project. “Women of Crypto is an ongoing woman-led and female-empowering project that we’re building from the ground up. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with two incredible charities, Crypto Chicks and Women Who Code,” Matsushima said. “We have already donated over $100,000 to both of these non-profit organizations.”

The charities mirror WOC’s mission to educate and empower women in the fields of business, cryptocurrencies, and related topics like NFTs.

“Our team has created a series of exclusive pre-filmed courses that give detailed explanations of everything from the fundamentals of blockchain technology to how NFTs work and the Metaverse. We also provide step-by-step blueprints on how someone can start their own successful NFT project. All these courses will be available to members via our private Discord channel,” Matsushima explained.

The primary aim of the Women in Crypto project is to consistently work toward empowering and educating underrepresented individuals in the crypto scene. In particular, Matsushima wants to bridge the gender gap.

“The world of crypto and NFTs is significantly dominated by men, and we want to change that. One of the main reasons behind the development of blockchain was to create a level playing field for all, and that just hasn’t happened. The project, our community, and our partners want to inspire more women to get involved in cryptocurrencies. Our collective effort is striving to improve inclusivity.

“The idea of the community surrounding Women of Crypto is to grow, learn, and connect. For example, HODLRs of the NFT get free access to our conventions, where they can network with other members and learn from experts in fields such as real estate, e-commerce, and investments. Our first event will be at the beginning of April 2022 in Los Angeles, and there will be many more.”

In addition, WOC will collaborate with globally known beauty brands to develop and make beauty products. The beauty industry is already geared toward women, so working with well-known brands will help raise exposure and normalize the crypto scene.

“The idea is not to limit women to beauty consumerism but to make NFTs less intimidating and more visible. We aim to collaborate with high-quality, internationally respected brands that align with our mission and ethics. This way, we can ensure quality and raise awareness of the brand. The partnerships and products will also provide substantial revenue that will be reinvested into the project,” Matsushima said.

As an expression of gratitude, Women of Crypto NFT holders will soon be able to claim a free ‘Men of Crypto’ (MOC) NFT. These will similarly be high-quality 3D avatars, preserving the same concept and style as the Women and will be airdropped in March 2022. The Women/Men of Crypto are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project also has eyes on the future, with both avatars currently being completely rendered, ready to come alive in the Metaverse. Once work on both WOC and MOC is complete, owners can use them to access exclusive community networking events within the Metaverse. In addition, avatar owners will also be able to unlock several members-only benefits.

“The Metaverse and NFTs are still in their infancy,” Matsushima said. “This is why projects like ours are so important. As an entrepreneur from a young age, I’m used to raising eyebrows due to my being a woman. So when I saw a gender forming in crypto from the start, I knew something had to be done.

“By educating and empowering women, we can make the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain more visible and less intimidating to underrepresented individuals. Everyone should have a place on the blockchain and be part of the technological and financial revolution that is happening right now.”

The 8888 WOC NFTs may have sold out, but the community is just beginning.

To learn more about the Women of Crypto project, more information is available on the website. You can also join the hundreds of thousands that form the WOC community on TwitterInstagram, and Discord.

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