CoinList Announces Tribal Token Sale

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CoinList has announced that registrations for the Tribal Token Sale are now open. The sale begins on March 17, 17:00 UTC and the registration deadline is March 15, 12:00 UTC.

What is Tribal?

Tribal is a payment and financing platform that can underwrite and approve SMBs using a proprietary AI-driven algorithm. Tribal offers SMBs access to multi-currency corporate cards, spend management, crypto and traditional payment rails, and short-term financing.

Key Highlight

Decentralized Lending Protocol – Tribal is developing an under-collateralized lending protocol that connects crypto lenders with SMBs borrowers. The protocol will give SMBs in emerging markets access to lower costs of capital while Lenders can enjoy sustainable APY, regardless of the crypto market performance can enjoy sustainable APY, regardless of how the crypto market performs.

Borderless Payments – Tribal provides SMBs access to Visa’s payment network with more than 100 million vendors, local and international wires reaching 180+ countries, and on-chain cross-border payments that utilize stablecoins to facilitate faster and more affordable transactions.

Staking Incentives – Tribal SMBs will be incentivized to stake TRIBL tokens to receive disruptive rewards and access to premium tiers with exclusive benefits. Lenders and borrowers will be incentivized to stake TRIBL tokens to receive higher interest rates on their stablecoins and pay lower interest on access to capital.

Token Economics

The TRIBL token will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet as an ERC-20 standard and will have a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens.

Token Distribution 



Sale Details

The sale has two public options with different terms:

  • Option 1 will run from March 17 at 17:00 UTC
  • Option 2 will run from March 17 at 22:00 UTC
Option 1Option 2
AssetTRIBL tokensTRIBL tokens
Fixed Sale Price$0.55 per token$0.40 per token
Sale PeriodMarch 17, 2022 17:00 UTC – March 23, 2022 23:59 UTCMarch 17, 2022 22:00 UTC – March 23, 2022 23:59 UTC
Supply for Sale3.91% (39,066,666.67 tokens)2.5% (25,000,000 tokens)
Purchase Limits$100 min
$500 max
$100 min
$500 max
Lockup and Release1-year lockup* followed by a 6-month linear release1-year lockup* followed by a 12-month linear release
Excluded ParticipantsExcluded jurisdictions include the United States, Canada, China, Republic of Korea, and CoinList’s unsupported jurisdictionsExcluded jurisdictions include the United States, Canada, China, Republic of Korea, and CoinList’s unsupported jurisdictions

The Quiz Answers

For complete registration of Axelar Token Sale on CoinList, you have to complete the qualification quiz, follow that:

Click Continue.

If you do not have Coinlist account, register here.

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